January 15, 2015

Starting to prepare for "A Month of Letters" 2015

So, we're half way through January which means February is fast approaching, and with it "A Month of Letters" Challenge, or as I normally refer to it due to the website address "LetterMo". The challenge, put out by Mary Robinette Kowal, is to send a piece of mail every day the post office picks up, or every day except Sundays & President's day.   This will be, I think, the third year I've participated in this great project.  Last year I put mail in the box all those days, but they didn't get picked up a day or two due to weather!

So, I'm trying to get ready.  So far I've succeeded in printing out a calendar for the month and started making notes of whom I wish to write and when and started to see cards I have, and which I may still need to get.  Today's project is updating our family's address list, so I have the info I need.

So, are in for LetterMo this year?  If so, have you started your preparations?

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