May 29, 2011

Freedom is not free…


Today in America we observe Memorial Day (a day to remember those who have died defending our country and freedoms). I know I have some international readers, so this may not interest you, if not, you can just skip this post. But if you are interested in my thoughts this Memorial Day, and my reflections on my family's sacrifice for freedom, please click:

May 28, 2011

Patriotic Summer Hutch

For summer, I’m decorating in a patriotic theme since 3 of the main patriotic holidays are in a just over a one month span from Memorial Day through Flag Day to July Forth. I want to decorate the whole kitchen, so this may change as I get more time to work on this. But this is what I have right now:


Please ignore the photos in the frame, I have to find and get in the right size

May 20, 2011

Address labels for cards

Letter lablesRecently for for a holiday I had some cards to mail. At the last minute, I realized that the envelopes were dark pink, and so the machines might not scan them right the first time, so I decided to use labels since I hadn’t left extra times for the address to be hand read. I didn’t want to make the envelopes to look funny/ruin their beauty, so I thought of the half-sheet labels, the kind you print mailing package labels on. So I got out a