January 8, 2015

Decorated for the Championship Game!

We were all quite excited...and after all that's happened this season a little surprised when our Ohio State Buckeyes made it to the National Championship game next week.  So, spare time this week was spent making Buckeye candy and decorating for the game. I made the traditional ones as no one watching with us, but I do have a recipe for No Sugar Added/Sugar Free Buckeyes posted on another family blog: Nurturing Cuisine, if you're interested in thtaDidn't have too many decorations, but I did the TV screen area.  Due to our opponents being the Oregon "Ducks" I went with a combination of Ohio State Buckeyes & duck hunting

The Buckeye part of the decorations, Buckeye football, cheerleader bear, and, of course, actual Buckeyes nuts.

This is the lights on in the photo above, they are shotgun shells.  We got them on clearance one year, but moved to from the country into a suburb, so haven't got to use them as I'd like, so was excited to get to use them now.

And this is probably my favorite part: the" duck hunting license" I made up.  I put a photo of it below in-case there are any fellow Buckeyes who'd like to use it

#GoBucks National Championship Football game Jan 12, 2015

8x10 photo:
License for Buckeyes to hunt ducks
If you'd prefer, here's a PDF of the Duck Hunting License  

Go Bucks!!!  Hunt Ducks!!!  O-H-


  1. Terribly creative, U r a force to be reckoned!! U & ur Momma have totally encouraged me to craft & shop w/a purpose for my boxes!! Happy 2015!!

  2. I-O!!! Love it! Go Bucks!! House full of Buckeyes in NC rooting along on Monday!!


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