June 16, 2011


Bookshelf Corner

As you can see, I’m making progress on filling the bookshelves (in time squeezed in around other responsibilities).  My sister is planning to help me over the weekend, so hopefully they’ll be done soon.  It may take a few tries, since I like my books organized, and I’m not sure exactly how many books I have of which types, so I’m not sure if I’ll need decorative fillers on the shelves, or need to put books on the top-I’m guessing the later, but we shall see.

June 14, 2011

Decorated Envelopes

IMG_7690When I send cards or letters, I like to think that receiving that piece of mail is brings a few moments of joy into the recipient’s life. If possible, I want those moments to start when the second their eye lands on the envelopes. Now, some will recognize my handwriting, and there is always the return address, but I like to have a little more than that. For instance, while the postal service offered them I used the Nature of America Series stamps (you can see a couple of them I used in this photo) kind of as a signature on the envelope. At least I like them to know that they received a personal piece of mail and not a bill or add. Sometimes this is easy as with the bright pink envelopes I recently sent cards in, other times, it’s a little harder. Recently I had to use

June 13, 2011


Well, this is my newest project:


My sister decided that she didn’t want these bookshelves anymore, so I’ve “adopted” them.  Now it’s time to find all my books, get them together, and organize them (which I enjoy doing).

June 8, 2011

6 month review/update on house goals

Well, it’s been just over six months since I was inspired by (and linked up to) The Nester’s 2011 House goals post, so I thought I should see how I was doing.

I split my 2011 house goals into inside and outside, here’s how it’s going:



  • Paint trim – not yet
  • Prepare flowerbeds – in progress
  • Have a money saving vegetable garden – I haven’t got much produce yet, but it is growing well.