August 8, 2011

Making templates for decorated envelopes

Return address borderWell, I’m beginning to understand the fascination mailart holds for some, while I’m not making mail art, at least yet, I’ve found that decorating envelopes is somewhat addictive. When I’m working on the envelopes I think about the people who are receiving the mail seeing it in their mail. I hope it brings a smile to the face of the person receiving it. So here’s another easy way I found recently to jazz up envelopes.

I had seen on a blog (I’m sorry, but I seem to have lost the link) about using a business card to make a border around the address on letters, then embellishing the box. Well, I didn’t really want to free hand it. So, I decided to give the business card itself the decorative edge then use it as a stencil. I wrote the address on the back of the card to check the size, then I cut around it with a pair of patterned scissors (taking a little off one size to

August 3, 2011

Shutterfly photo books

shutterfly photo bookI’ve enjoyed making photo books over the years mainly to document trips to visit family. For those of you who may have never seen a photo book, they look somewhat like a coffee table book, but with your own photos in it. They can really look professional (and shock those you show it to that you were able to make it), and are a nice, and not too costly way to keep your photos and memories handy. I have used a number of different on-line and in store providers. I used Shutterfly photo books once for a book for my great Aunt M, but have never done one for myself. I was able to check out how it turned out when I was visiting her this summer, and was quite pleased with