February 28, 2011

Making Simple Stationary

Do you ever have a card that you want to write a letter with and cannot find a stationary that matches? I had that problem lately I had a perfect card and really wanted to write a letter with it, but even Rotery boardthough I have a lot of stationary, I couldn’t find one I hadn’t used that matched. I was looking through some colored printer paper that matched nicely, so I decided that while it might be boring it would work. But, it wouldn’t quite fit into the envelope. So, I was thinking I could cut it down with my rotary wheel and board, but my test wasn’t really even.

February 22, 2011

Frugal decorating finds

Yesterday my mother, sister and I took a little "girls’ shopping trip", yesterday. I was able to get a few things for decorating all for under $2.
The candy was free after Extra Bucks from CVS. I plan to use the green (and probably orange since the Irish flag has both colors) jelly beans to decorate for St. Patrick's Day which I’m in the midst of trying to decorate for. I will probably use them for Easter, too, along with the eggs. The hearts necklace is for next Valentines Day.

We got the book at our library for $0.20. We have some cookbooks on display on the bottom of our hutch in our kitchen, but really could use more, plus my sister enjoys trying new recipes and may be able to make use of it in her blog: Nurturing Cruise.

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February 17, 2011

Making Holiday Candles

NOTE: I don’t think you could burn candles in one of these candles as it would probably be unsafe due to the risk of fire.

Holiday Candles CraftSince I’m trying to decorate for more holidays this year and don’t have a lot of money to spend on it I’ve had to get creative and I found a really easy and cheap way to make candles season specific. All you need is a candle, some ribbon (which I have a lot of) and some metal in holiday shapes (I used jewelry).

This is the first one I made was this one. I had this holder for years.

February 7, 2011

Valentines Family Tree

I decided to make a Valentines tree with photos of my family. I made this tree for Thanksgiving that had tags of things I was thankful for (this picture doesn't do it justice, it looked better in person.)

Thanksgiving tree

I printed some photos at the Kodak Kiosk, it had options for mini-prints, and I selected the 9 per 4x6 inch sheet option and cut them apart. Then I cut up some white card stock with decorative scissors

February 1, 2011

The Nester Hack experiment

One of the first, if not the first, decorating blogs I read the Nesting Place written by the Nester. I really enjoy reading her blog and it has encouraged me to work towards decorating my own house more (if you haven't visited her site yet, I encourage you to do so). Last month she had a post about decorating your house for the winter with a photo of paper-whites in a pot very similar to this one I inherited, from Grandma R:
I was inspired to see if I could grow some bulbs in it. I know that it is a little late to try to force bulbs, so I decided to see if I could dig some up (that had already been