January 29, 2015

Pretty stamps coming

Have you checked out the United State's Postal Services upcoming stamp page lately?  If not you should!  There are some very pretty ones scheduled for this year! Here's some I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on:

Water Lilies:  These are just so pretty!  Plus purple doesn't seem to be a favorite stamp color, so that helps too!

Doesn't this just say it all?   Mail is "From Me to You"

Then, now available for pre-order, is a set of vintage flowers, one a forever stamp and one a 2 oz.  I'm really excited about these, both because they're so pretty and because I have family members who like both the flowers included-so they'll be very helpful in making mail special.

The rose is forever (pre-order here)  and the tulip is 2 oz (pre-order here).  One part I really love about these is they come in sheets, not books, so the pretty perforation or scallops go all the way around!

Remember, if your local post office doesn't have a stamp you'd like, you can always order them online at the USPS's Postal Store.

Do you have a favorite past, current, or upcoming stamp?


  1. I love all the stamps you posted, especially the flowers! Have you seen the full sheet for the "From Me to You" stamps? It's really neat look. I really love the neon colors.

  2. No I hadn't! I look it up! That is cool!

  3. I was a little surprised they didn't release the wedding stamps earlier so people could use them for St Valentine's day.

    And funny, I also prefer the stamps with complete perforations rather than the booklets. I'll still be using the water lily stamps, though, they are great.

  4. Forgot to add, I really like the Lunar New Year series, and the Year of the Ram was released today. I am definitely looking forward to the Martín Ramírez stamps coming in late March - amazing story behind him and his art.

  5. I know, right? I really wanted to use the tulip one for one of my Valentine cards...so I just printed out an example and enclosed it with a note saying "This is the stamp I want to use"


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