December 6, 2013

Monthly Mail~November 2013

Last month was a very good month for mail for us.  As far as receiving, for me it was my birthday and probably the best year in some time for cards:
Not only in volume, but a couple were really a perfect fit.  Sometimes one wonders how much effort went into picking the card, did they really like what it said about you , or did they just get it?  Well there were a couple this year that  I could really tell why they picked it.  It was a good inspiration/encouragement for me to try harder myself in the future to get perfect cards. 

And then there was Thanksgiving which we also got more than normal:
For sending it was good as we sent both Thanksgiving and most of our Christmas cards sent. 

For November of 2013 the final numbers were:

With my family, I:
Sent:          61 -Cards/notes
Received:    6 -Cards

Personally, I:
Sent:        4  -Cards/notes
2 –Letters
Received:   8 -Cards