July 27, 2011

Getting extra books on a bookshelf

Stacked books as bookends (2)At least in my family, we tend to have more books than we can fit on the bookshelves we have. When I inherited the 5 bookshelves to put in my room as I wrote about earlier, I thought I might be set and had escaped the overflowing bookshelves. But then as I gathered my books from around the house, I discovered that I still had too many books to fit in organized way to put on normally. So, I had to get creative as to how to fit more books on the shelf.

One way is always to stack books sideways when they aren’t as high as the shelves which I did use as you can see above that doubled for

July 19, 2011

The beauty of Hospitality

IMG_7858My blog posts are often about trying to make the world more beautiful for those around me, but this post is about the beauty I found on a recent trip. You see, got back from a trip to visit family in Ohio.  I personally think that the Ohio countryside is how to beat for beauty.  I also saw two unique and beautiful moths (including the one pictured here).  I saw amazing fireworks celebrating the beauty of freedom and our country.  I saw amazing and beautiful animals.  But what I’m especially thankful for is the beauty of family and hospitality.  What can really be said about the beauty of a loving family?  It is truly a gift from God.  I think there are few things as beautiful on this earth as the unconditional love and acceptance of a good family and when that includes an extended family that is especially great.  (Well, I’m a long time in getting to the hospitality part, aren’t I?)

Hospitality is something I haven’t really had a chance to practice that much the last few years

July 1, 2011

Bookshelf update

Full bookshelvesWell, the bookshelves are almost done.  I hoped to write a whole post about it, but if you read my mom’s blog you know about the storm and attendant problems we had a couple weekends ago, and now I’m headed out on vacation.  So, you’ll have to settle for a photo for now.