January 31, 2013

Month of Letters kick off


I’ve addressed my first card for A Month of Letters, and am in the middle of writing it.  Since I recently started keeping a record of everything I mail, I know my numbers for January.  I sent:

Personally:          6-Letters


With my family:     3-Cards


I’m interested to see what my numbers end up being with LetterMo. Sending 22 things last month seems pretty high for me, and it’s almost as many as I’m hoping to for LetterMo. The last two months for me/us were (not counting holiday cards) November:  9 & December: 16.

January 30, 2013

Preparing for the Month of Letters


This year I decided to take part in the month of letters challenge on lettermo.com.  The challenge is to try to mail something every day the post runs.  I do probably write more than most people especially as I have out of state family, so I have most of my cards/stationary in my desk, so it’s handy, but I thought it’d be easier if I didn’t have to try to find a card each day as I don’t have a lot of free time, am an over-planner/organizer, and enjoy looking at the things I’ve picked out ahead of time, thinking about how I hope the recipients will enjoy them.  So, as I’ve had time, I’ve been

January 20, 2013

Organizing Postal Stamps

IMG_0745Different stamps always interested me, but with changing postage prices, it was hard to get them, because than you needed extra stamps, etc.  Well, now that there are forever stamps, one can buy stamps that will last-more or less-forever.  Plus, the last few years, I’ve been writing more plus with rebates, bills, etc., our family has been using enough stamps to keep a small stash.  It’s no more costly than keeping a little extra stationary, cards, etc. on hand-but ones that won’t lose value, even if they go out of style(actually, if we ever wanted to get rid of