April 23, 2011

Kitchen decorated for Easter

Easter Hutch

Well, here’s the kitchen decorated for Easter. This i main hutch in our kitchen . The basket on the top is an egg basket from my Grandmother’s dairy farm. The eggs in the basket are the ones my sister and I hunted as a child. The jelly beans in the jar at the far right were free from CVS and I found the jar on the old farm we bought. The books at the bottom right are all about Easter or Good Friday (the others are cookbooks). If you want to see any of these parts in more detail, you should be able to click on the photo at right to blow it up.

Now for up-close photos of some of the parts:

This cross in the top, closed part of the hutch, was crocheted by my great-grandmother. The butterfly reminds me of new life and the pin

April 19, 2011

Living room decorated for Easter

IMG_5734Well, I’m finally getting my Easter decorations posted about.  I think I’ll actually do two posts, this one that covers the living room and another for the kitchen.

If you’ve read my blog before, you may recognize this stand and branches from my Valentines Family Tree.  I had removed the hearts after Valentines Day, but had left photos on until I decorated for Easter I took the photos off and moved them elsewhere.  I ended up

April 4, 2011

Picture frame wall

whole wall

As I mentioned in my house goals for this years I wanted to get my photo frames filled. I had this narrow wall that I wanted to cover with photos, then my Aunt C. gave me the “FAMILY” photo frame for my college graduation, so I decided to use it as the anchor piece. I have been working on it for some time and am almost done. Five of the smaller frames are done, one I still need to pick which photos to put in the last one. I also want to switch a photo in the anchor frame.

In addition to photos I added text to the top 3 three frames to make them even more meaningful. All three are from songs.

In the main anchor frame, I have the text to a song “Family Picture” by Jim Jordan and Steve Wick. From the Living in God’s House: Ultimate ...