December 8, 2011

Kitchen for Christmas

Christmas cornerHere’s how our kitchen is decorated for Christmas.  You can see the hutch just inside the door, and more details on the top of the china cabinet/tall hutch in my posts on them.  I also posted about our table that is in another room.  But here’s an overview of our kitchen all decked.  Here you see the corner inside our door where we lay things like purses and keys when we’re getting ready to go out.  The cookie jar belonged to my great grandmother.  We use a modified sugar cookie recipe of her husband’s which we bake on cookies sheets from another great grandmother’s. Well, let’s get on to the rest of the kitchen…

Candle and nativity I went simple with the kitchen table, so it wouldn’t get in the way of regular use and be able to be moved when we are doing big projects like baking cookies.

lighted candles

On the counter I used the smaller tray of the ones like I used on the larger table in the other room.  The candles were ones I got on a trip to Ohio, the nice thing about them is that they have natural scent, so we can burn them even though some of us have allergies to fake scents.

Fridge top village

The village above the refrigerator, we used Styrofoam pieces to make it have a hill. 

top of cabinetsAbove the cabinets we put garland with lights wrapped in ribbon.

Whole Christmas cabinetHere is the china cabinet/tall hutch.  You can read about the top, here.  The candy dish in the top was a gift for my great grandparent’s 50th anniversary.   I like the trains both because some people put them below trees, and because many people in my family have worked in the train industry.  At the bottom is Christmas books, a nativity pop-up book, and some cookbooks.  Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting our kitchen, and I hope to soon have more of the house decorations up.

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