December 11, 2011

Christmas House Tour

Nativity under treeWell, it’s time to give an overview of our house decorated for Christmas (Note: the bold, colored text will take you to a photo & post about it).  Last year I started the tour in the kitchen, well, I’ve already covered the kitchen as a whole, the top of the china cabinet, and the hutch, so I’ll skip it and you can see it in the links.  I also did a post about our table, but now for what  I haven’t posted yet.  You can see our tree at right and below, I didn’t do a separate tree post this year since it is almost the same as the tree we did last year, actually it just had less ornaments…

Christmas Tree

We are using the same Christmas card holder I made last year.  In the living room with the tree is our village of large houses:

table top village

Another spot I really liked how it turned out this year is the top of our piano.  I put various Christmas items in the nooks of the shelves.  I put parts of the life of Christ above shelve to complement the nativity scene, you can’t read the plaque in this photos, but it’s one of the promises of the Messiah’s coming in Isaiah. 

Top of piano

And here’s some other random corners of our house:classic Christmas card inspiration

My grandmother had crocheted this doll dress for me years ago, and I put her on the runner on the sewing machine.  I found the flag when I was re-organizing some of my other decorating supplies, and added it in since this reminded me of scenes I’d seen on old cards.

Christmas wheat

This is a good example of how a simple table runner can, when added with a few things you have laying around, can really make it look like a complete Christmas scene.

corner villagecabinet top village

And here are some more villages we have up on cabinets, these are all from CVS various years, I split them into a western town @ right, and a eastern mountain city at left.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of part of our house, I hope to get more photos up later.

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  1. Your tree is amazing! I love that you have a nativity under the tree. Beautiful! Your villages are such a neat collection. You have a wonderful Christmas home! :)

  2. Everything is beautiful & you are so talented! Guess this means you're feeling better....glad to hear it :)

  3. What a beautiful, big tree! Merry Christmas!

  4. Your tree is beautiful and such a lovely collection of holiday villages.

  5. Great tree! Thanks for linking up with me for our Christmas Cheer party (:

  6. Beautiful tree! Love the villages, too. So pretty. :)

  7. Sarah - Where did you find your village of large houses - they look great.

  8. Thanks! I'm not sure where they all came from as they were collected by my sister and grandmother years ago as gifts, from garage sales and drug stores. I can look when I get them out as I think some of them are still in boxes.


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