November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving cards

Thanksgiving cardsUnlike last year when we were able to make the trip back to Ohio for Thanksgiving,  and unlike the year before, we don’t have friends whose family was also out of state to come for dinner, so it’s just us this year. So, our visiting has been done via cards.  I’ve found that stores don’t seem to stock many Thanksgiving cards, so most of these are ones I picked up another year when I found them so as to have them on hand.  I decorated a number of the envelopes, you can see my posts on the ones I decorated with: the computer, watercolors, and markers.

While doing these cards I found that there aren’t really any good stamps to use for Thanksgiving cards.  A couple years ago they had these Thanksgiving stamps from the US Postal Service. I bought a sheet and used it for a year or two, but I used them up, (I was thinking the cost

would go up before then, but I was wrong).  Well, the postal service isn’t offering any Thanksgiving Thanksgiving stampsstamps this year.  Nor are they offering any fall ones, I understand if there aren’t enough people interested in Thanksgiving stamps, but I really wished they carried something that really seemed to go with the holiday.  I mean, I don’t need turkeys or pilgrims, but fall leaves, amber waves of grain, fall produce, or even football would be nice.  I’m sure they do studies and base it on demand, so I suppose I should contact them.  I’ve looked at next year’s stamps and there was a few options.  Next year’s “Flags of our Nation” has one (West Virginia) has a turkey flock with fall trees in the background and the American flag has apple trees with it.  The Bonsai Trees have one that looked like fall colors and the Weather Vanes have two chickens in rusty/fall colors.  This year I used at least 4 different ones in an attempt to match.  The first two I did for color matching and the second two because they seemed kind of on the Thanksgiving theme.  The ship reminded me of the Mayflower and the yellow on second one reminded me of ripened grain.  Do you have problems finding the right stamp?  I’m hoping with Forever Stamps it will be easier to keep the right one on hand.  


  1. I am so sad I missed the Thanksgiving stamps! I never ever saw them at all :( SAD! Maybe I can find some on eBay or something...

  2. When they came out I wasn't really doing stamps much, but I think I saw them online, I also used them for New Years.


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