November 22, 2011

Watercolor envelopes

Watercolor matching envelopeSo, I decided to try something new for these envelopes.  I found this site about decorated envelopes, and I saw the envelopes from Bride design and was inspired to try watercolors. Now, I’m not very good at painting since I’m no where near as gifted as these people are, but I thought I’d try.  I had been going through some of my old craft stuff and came across my watercolors & brushes from childhood, the cards had watercolors on their covers, plus I was sending them to my aunts, and what are aunts for if not to receive one’s attempts at painting? Smile  After a lot of experimenting I decided on doing a leaf & a heart on the envelopes to match the cards.  I didn’t try the acorn and couldn’t get my trees to look the way I liked.  Now, I didn’t really freehand either of these things here’s how I did it and you can too.  One hint, practice on

paper first, to be sure to get the hang of not getting the paper too wet and making it to uneven to go through the mail.  Also make sure you protect the seal part to make sure it stays dry, so it doesn’t seal before you get your card in Smile.

Watercolor vanesFor the leaf, I took a label and cut it into strips which I put down to make the vanes.  Then I painted over them.  Once it dried a little I peeled it off. I then went around the leaf in the black.
 tracing with watercolor


For the heart I just cut out a heart out of a piece of paper then I painted around it.  Once I had the heart outlined, I took the paper shape away and filled in around it with the same color.


I think it went pretty good for the first time I’ve done watercolor in probably a decade, here’s the final results:

Finished product

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  1. These turned out lovely. I like how simple these appear to be. What's the weight of the paper you use?

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! It was just the envelopes that came with the cards that I bought at Dollar General I believe. The weren't very heavy wight, actually they were pretty thin.

  3. Those are lovely!! Such a great idea! I wish I was better at watercolor.

    Thanks for linking up to Take it on Tuesday blog hop!


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