November 1, 2011

Baseball envelopes

baseball envelopesIf you read my blog, you know that recently I’ve gotten into decorating many of my envelopes I mail out.  Well, some of these designs are quite feminine, so here is a more sporty/masculine alternative: baseball envelopes.  On a recent trip to Ohio I went to a baseball game with family, so that seemed to be a good theme for the cards containing photos of the trip, plus I had some baseball stamps.  Here is a completed envelope:


baseball envelope

I used a makeshift math compass to make the black lines with a pen, afterwards I decided it may have been easier to trace a small plate.  Then I used a red marker to hand draw the lines.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  Since I was sending so many photos I had to add extra postage, so the two stamp pane worked out real well.

Here is one of the cards and envelopes (for any baseball fans out there, the photo is the celebration after a Travis Hafner walk-off grand slam capping a 9th inning against Toronto in July):

baseball theme card

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  1. Oooh, I'm going to copy this idea sometime! I've added this post to my "bookmarks!"


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