December 20, 2010

Update on our tree

Here's an update on my main theme tree. I mentioned in my earlier post about this tree, I wanted to add some ornaments reflecting on Christ and in keeping with the color theme. Here is how the tree looks now that I've added those ornaments and most of the gifts are under the tree:

Some of the ornaments that tie in with the theme are balls. For instance, this one,

which if I remember correctly, my great aunt gave me when I was a child:

Olive wood ornaments seemed to fit in quite nicely:
This one is one of a number from Dayspring, this one matches a card we sent a few years ago:
My sister gave me these that looked like perfume bottles to represent the frankincense and myrrh that the Magi brought:
Here's another of the ornaments:
I hope you've enjoyed looking at my tree.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at pics of your tree,its just awesome.specially,Olive wood ornaments go perfectly with the tree.You have innovated many new designs which are simple but yet different from the regular one.Very very nice....


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