December 13, 2010

Our Home for Christmas

Here is an overview of how our house is decorated for Christmas. If I have more time, I may add more details on the different parts, if so, I'll add links to the bottom of this post.

Most of our friends come in our back door, so that is where I will start the tour, in the kitchen/dining room:
Our table:
My great aunt gave my mother this nativity scene when my parents were


Here is a stand in the dining area:
Here's the main stand:
Here it is with the top doors open:
I couldn't find a place to put this train set up, then my mother suggested that it didn't have to run, so I split it up and gave it some height with the bridge. I really wanted to put it somewhere since my dad used to have one under his tree when he was a child, and many members of my family have worked (and I believe some still do work) on the railroad:
Above the refrigerator we have a village, in spots like this, pieces of packing Styrofoam work great to make hills:
The garland over the cupboards:
Just inside the door we have a sleigh to hold cards waiting to be mailed or opened:
Then you can come on into the living room:
Our main tree:
The nativity scene, under the tree:
Our cards, so far:
Decorations on an end table, I only had extra gold balls, I would like to find some red ones or something for contrast with the bells:
Through the hallway/foyer:

And into the library:
The "traditional" tree:
With the ornaments we've picked up over the years:
And the tree skirt and stockings my mom made years ago:
The table:
Tucked among the books are more decorations:
The village on top of the piano:

A small stand:

I've posted more info and photos of our living room tree, and our cards on display.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to our house, I'd like to thank my mother, Cheryl, for taking most of these photos for me.

EDIT: I have a new post up about our living room tree.

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  1. Love all of your Nativity scenes, beautiful. Merry Christmas. Thank you for the tour.

  2. Sarah, I LOVE your trees, they're beautiful!! And the nativity on your table is so pretty, I've never seen one like it! Thanks for opening your home for the tour and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Visiting from Kellys...I love the Snow Village. I have mine on top of my kitchen cabinets and use the styrofoam to make the landscape too. I didn't put it in my tour this year but it was there last year.

    I love the hand me down nativity-that is special!

  4. Merry Christmas !
    Everything is so beautiful!


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