December 9, 2010

My first theme tree

Our family has always had a tree with whatever ornaments we had. They were pretty, but were not held to any theme or color scheme. For a couple year's I've wanted to do a gold and red (maroon, wine, etc.) colored tree, but things kept coming up. Finally this year I did it. My sister even wrapped presents in the proper colored paper. It is a Frasier Fir. Here is the whole tree as it is now:

Here's what it looked like before we put things under it on the tree skirt (the skirt is

a piece of material we fold around the base):

Here is a close up of the top:
I've used this star before, but added the crown of thorns this year. My Dad and sister made the crown out of a honeylocust tree.

Here is a close up of the nativity scene of the bottom:
Some of the balls my sister and I have exchanged over the years:
Some of the balls are on lone from my grandmother who is having a blue/silver tree this year:
We bought the ribbon and some of the balls on clearance last year:
We also got most of the gold balls at a thrift store this year.

My sister likes it the way it is, with just balls, but I hope to add some ornaments to it that fit the color scheme and also reflect on Christ. I plan to add another post when I update it. I also plan to make a tree with all our other ornaments on it and our traditional tree skirt my mother made years ago.

EDIT: There's an update on this tree here.

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