December 10, 2010

Christmas Card Holder Craft

I don't know about you, but cards, both sending and receiving, are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I even put a poll to the right about when you send cards. For years I've been trying to decide how to display the Christmas cards we get. I've tried hanging taping them up, which didn't look that nice. I've tried sitting them around, but they like to fall down. I don't want to do anything that would harm the cards like punching holes in it, because I like to save at least the ones with notes in them. So, this year I'm trying something new this year.

My Grandmother and sister were shopping at Kmart and got these cunning clips

(they where $1.99). I decided to try something with them.

My sister has these cunning jingle bells from the dollar tree on clearance last year.
We had some ribbon left over, probably from the 90's, this is one of two rolls I plan to use, since I probably don't have enough of any one color to hang all the cards on.
I took the ribbon and cut a piece that was as long as the wall, plus a little for the bows. Then I tied on the jingle bells (at this point it is important to remember that one of the loops of each of the two bows has to come from the middle part, so leave the space between the bells longer then the wall). The I tied the bows and double knotted them (otherwise the bows pull out) and used strait pins to attach it to the wall.

I think it worked out pretty well.

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