March 14, 2013

A Month of Letters Wrap-up

Well, I’m a little late posting, but I successfully finished my first time of doing the A Month of Letters. My final numbers for the month were: 
Sent:          20-Cards/notes
Received:     4-Cards
While I did send a lot more than I received I’m not really surprised at that as I wrote entirely to people I knew-family or friends-so I didn’t really expect to hear back from them all, plus I sent more than one to some people.
I sent a total of 27 items in February. That’s an increase over sending 22 things in January and
the last two months were (not counting holiday cards) November:  9 & December: 16.  I’m not doing so good this month, things are really busy, plus I just wrote everyone, but I’m starting to work on Easter cards which I hope to send out more than I/my family have in the past.
Through doing this I think I became a little more comfortable writing people as I wrote many I never had before except for holiday cards, and I also got more used to writing “on the go” as I wrote in a parked car more than once and in a waiting room.  It actually went better than I expected.
And I earned the “Winner!” achievement:

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  1. Hello Sarah!
    Thank you for entering my giveaway! I enjoyed reading your comment about your favorite reason to write letters. :)


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