February 19, 2013

Valentines envelopes

IMG_1168With the inspiration of a Month of Letters, I’ve sent a number of Valentines cards this year to family members, etc.  I decorated (or made/wrapped) a number of the of the envelopes.  I thought I’d share photos of a few on here:







Here’s the whole envelope that I had a clip of above with its “cloud of butterflies”.


This is a label I made from a sticky note.  I wrote on it then coated the back with Elmer’s ® glue-all to attach it to the envelope.  I left one letter of the name to show how I copied the border for the name “font”.


And finally, here’s a postcard envelope.  I hope to do a post on this/these sometime, which if I do, I’ll update this post, but you can see the basic idea: an envelope that looks like a postcard, but contains a card/letter (of course one can’t use postcard postage on it, but I think it looks cute).

Also, an update on me taking part in the Month of Letters.  As of last weekend I’ve managed to mail something every day and we’re over half way through the month!  I’ve unlocked the following achievements: Soldier on, Parcel Post, Postal Explorer, A week of mail, Two weeks of mail!, Valentines, A Wee Spot of Mail, & The first letter! I also have an achievement score of 37.

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