January 14, 2017

Smiles Sent Saturday~1/14/17

I haven't posted lately...nor have I really sent that much mail.  Our family has been having a number of health issues, so mail has taken a little bit of a back seat, things seem to be calming down now, so hopefully I'll be able to get back to doing it more...hopefully I'll be ready when A Month of Letters come around.  I was able to get Christmas cards sent out to a very cut down list.  Thanksgiving cards pretty much only went to my great aunts as we try to get something out to them every month.  I didn't have much time to decorate envelopes, but it's amazing how a few vintage stamps can really dress up an envelope and make it special.
Can I say I just love brown envelopes for Thanksgiving cards??

The name “Smiles Sent Saturday” denotes my hope these things I mailed made the people who got them smile.

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