May 14, 2016

Smiles Sent Saturday~5/14/16

Got some fun mail sent out recently!
A Mother's Day card to an aunt-flowers matched the card plus "love" was perfect and the Washington stamp was just to fill out the amount. 

Another aunt Mother's Day card, this card had day lilies and stripes on it.  The stamps all seemed to hint at stripes plus I put stripes on the side and the day lily sticker. 

 This card had a butterfly on it, and was purple and tan like the windmill.

This was a card I sent "for" a dog "family member" to her "mama" for Mother's Day. 

 This was a birthday card to an uncle, the card had the stars and dots.

This card had quilted birds and flowers.

The name “Smiles Sent Saturday” denotes my hope these things I mailed made the people who got them smile.

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