November 21, 2015

Smiles Sent Saturday ~ 11/22/2015 ~ Thanksgiving Cards & package

This week I thought I'd share some of the envelopes I decorated for Thanksgiving cards as well as what went in a small care package for a relative in the armed forces.

For my grandfather who is fond of apples!  The Valley Forge stamp is technically a Christmas stamp-but the colors matched and prayer & Thanksgiving go together.

For our goddaughter - I thought this envelope ended up being "cheerful"

I just LOVE those "We Give Thanks" stamps!

Attempt at oak tree to mirror card
The card looked like pencil art, so I used a colored pencil for the tree.

This card had roses in a pumpkin.

Thought the peppers worked well.

Love the Illinois stamp-so pretty & perfect for Thanksgiving.

The card had blackberries on it, and the football & dog stamps were to represent what we plan to watch on Thanksgiving.

Gave up on the oak leaves, & went generic with the leaves. 

For a letter to a great aunt whose dad used to work on a train & part of the letter was about packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
This is probably my favorite of the envelopes!  Ducks flying from a fall lake!  I measured against a postmark on a card I received to be sure the ducks would be canceled...
And finally, here's what went in the care package.  Thanksgiving classics: turkey, cranberries, and pecan pie...all a little different.  Plus M&M candy corn, a Mounds Bar (as I normally make coconut pie), popcorn, & Uno Avengers as game playing is always a part of our family Thanksgivings.  And, not pictured are some homemade pumpkin cookies.

The name “Smiles Sent Saturday” denotes my hope these things I mailed made the people who got them smile.

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