October 16, 2014

What to mail: Clutter

I recently was looking around the web for some things about what we call “dejunking” I.e. getting rid of the junk we have accumulated.  Well, I was presently surprised when this video referenced mailing something.  Actually this is a great idea!!!  He is discussing old photos we don’t need but others in the photos might enjoy seeing.  Recently a lady we went to church with decades ago came across a photo of me as a little girl in her class and sent it to my mom, and we really enjoyed seeing it.  In the digital age we may not have so many hard copies laying around, but we may have inherited one, or been saving a digital copy to share and not got around to doing it, well, this is a great encouragement to do so!
And, there’s no need to limit this to photos!  We recently cleaned out our cookbooks and decided we didn’t need the soup one anymore.  I’m not too fond of most soup, but my aunt is, so I stuck it in an envelope with a couple stamps and sent it off.  She had something she could enjoy & knew I was thinking of her and we pared down our possessions!  Obviously don’t send unwanted/needed things, but “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. 

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