October 19, 2013

Smiles Sent Saturday~October 19

Operation Christmas Child
This week’s post is a little different. It’s not about mail I send someone, but sending someone the tools to write for themselves.   For years my family has enjoyed sending shoeboxes to needy children world wide through Operation Christmas Child.  We always include school supplies: paper, pens, etc.  This year, for the plain paper (I always like to put in plain paper for then to draw) I used free paper and cheap report covers from Office Max to make a booklet.  I got thinking, maybe I should put in some of my extra sheets of stationery paper in the front and back pockets for them to use:IMG_9430
I looked through my stash and was able to find quite a few kinds of paper from my stash that I had enough to share, plus some envelopes, each of the three boxes I did this for got something a little different.
I even had stickers to put in this one:
I think it turned out well, and is a gift I’d enjoy getting!  I was really glad I thought of doing it as my mom had read a story somewhere about kids in an orphanage being really happy about the paper in their shoeboxes as they could then write their siblings in another orphanage!
EDIT:  Added these photos to show how it fit in the shoebox.   The first is how it is when the shoebox is open, the second is how it fits with the lid down and rubber banded.  I found it bent better when the open side was up.  If the shoebox was a little shorter the long way I guess you could cut it down some.
The name “Smiles Sent Saturday” denotes my hope these things I mailed made the people who got them smile.


  1. Report covers (or pocket folders) - how do you get them to fit in the shoebox? Pocket folders are too big in my experience. Thanks.

  2. I was able to roll it over, I'll try to edit it with a post with a photo. If it was too short the other way, I guess you could cut it down some.

  3. great insiration for me! I have plenty of papers to do this idea!

  4. I make smaller folders that fit flat in shoe boxes. Get 12" x 12" Revelations cardstock packs (Michael's--they come in solid colors & fun prints.) 1. Pocket--fold bottom of 1 paper up 2.5" and crease well. 2. Fold in half the other direction. You now have a small folder. 3. Staple pocket sides to folder very close to outside edges & cover w/tape. Basic folder is done. 4. To make it even nicer, cut down the center crease of pocket in a slight V shape. Look at a folder pocket & you'll see what I mean.

  5. Linda-Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I'll keep that idea in mind!

  6. Nice idea! I save the free notepads and greeting cards I receive in the mail from charities, and put them in shoeboxes. I also buy cute blank notecard sets at Dollar Tree for the girls.


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