January 20, 2013

Organizing Postal Stamps

IMG_0745Different stamps always interested me, but with changing postage prices, it was hard to get them, because than you needed extra stamps, etc.  Well, now that there are forever stamps, one can buy stamps that will last-more or less-forever.  Plus, the last few years, I’ve been writing more plus with rebates, bills, etc., our family has been using enough stamps to keep a small stash.  It’s no more costly than keeping a little extra stationary, cards, etc. on hand-but ones that won’t lose value, even if they go out of style(actually, if we ever wanted to get rid of

them, no longer issued stamps often sell for more than face value on eBay, etsy, etc.)  While it’s fun to have a lot of stamps to pick from, the stash does raise the question of how to store/organize them.

Our family uses a three ring binder with plastic pages.  Full sheet protectors work great for large, commemorative sheets of stamps.


For other sheets and rolls, I found this size that works wonderfully:


And baseball card holders work perfectly for ones you only have a few of like at the top of this post, and also additional or multi-ounce stamps.


These are just the more current ones.  I’ve recently gotten some vintage stamps from eBay/etsy as gifts, I now have enough of those I need to find a better way to store them, maybe giving them there own page(s).

I’m hoping to take part in lettermo.com’s month of mail challenge and use some of these stamps, are any of my readers doing this?

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  1. Thanks for sharing on my blog. Your stamps look so nice in their binder. Kind of makes me want to copy-cat. :-)


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