April 19, 2011

Living room decorated for Easter

IMG_5734Well, I’m finally getting my Easter decorations posted about.  I think I’ll actually do two posts, this one that covers the living room and another for the kitchen.

If you’ve read my blog before, you may recognize this stand and branches from my Valentines Family Tree.  I had removed the hearts after Valentines Day, but had left photos on until I decorated for Easter I took the photos off and moved them elsewhere.  I ended up

leaving up the branches there and hanging on Christmas tree ornaments that could double as Easter ornaments like this one:


IMG_5748I put these life of Christ nesting dolls and a framed verse by the TV.   Making the verse even more meaningful is that I found one that spoke of Christ raising from the dead and having the keys of death.  This pin that is a key is was my Grandmother’s who is now in heaven.  Christ having the keys of death is a great comfort in relation to her since she trusted Him.IMG_5746

This is the end table by our couch.  We got the candy in the jars and M&M filled Easter Eggs free at CVS


I hope to post about the kitchen, soon.

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