February 28, 2011

Making Simple Stationary

Do you ever have a card that you want to write a letter with and cannot find a stationary that matches? I had that problem lately I had a perfect card and really wanted to write a letter with it, but even Rotery boardthough I have a lot of stationary, I couldn’t find one I hadn’t used that matched. I was looking through some colored printer paper that matched nicely, so I decided that while it might be boring it would work. But, it wouldn’t quite fit into the envelope. So, I was thinking I could cut it down with my rotary wheel and board, but my test wasn’t really even.

Following patternI had been using decorative scissors for my Valentines Family Tree, so I decided to use them, at first my idea was that if it wasn’t strait it would disguise it, then I realized It would look much nicer, too.

I wanted the scallops on the sheets to match, so I secured them with Braced for cuttingbinder clips. I then started one cut on each side. I then separated them and cut each one separately lining up the scallops, so that it would be even and look uniform. They didn’t end up all First cutbeing even, so next time I might try to cut them all together, but I only had three sheets, so I didn’t want to risk it. I lined up a certain spot on the scissors so I would consistently cut off the same amount. As you can see it ended up fitting really nice. Finished paper

If you don’t have any paper the correct color, you should be able to buy just the number of sheets you need at a store that offers copies on colored paper. Generally you can buy whatever pages you want and they will just charge as if they did a copy-make sure they don’t charge you for a double sided by accident. Sometimes stores also have self serve copiers with some color paper that you may be able to buy. I hope this helps someone be able to write some more letters. Both you and your reader will be glad you did.

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  2. Great tip! I've tried it before, but it came out a bit wonky. lol Yours is so pretty!

  3. Thanks Kelly-Ann and Tabitha!


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