January 12, 2011

Photo Frame Planning

Well, I'm getting to work on my house goals for this year. I'm starting with the picture frames. I have this wall I'd like to cover with frames:
The frame that is there now (doesn't it just fit just great?) is a graduation gift from my Aunt C. I found these college frames at CVS (we shop there a lot due

to getting great deals check out my mom's blog - Simply CVS - if you want info on that) and received six of them as gifts:

I went through some pictures and came up with this stack of pictures I thought I might want to use (I think Aunt L. was right when she said you cannot have enough photo frames):
I decided to try to plan the frames digitally instead of by hand. So, I made scale models of them in Microsoft's PowerPoint (I would have used their Publisher program, but don't have it yet on the computer I was using). This is what one of my slides looks like now with notes and possible pictures and quotes (you can see the clip-art above the "frames" those are what I may put behind the quotes in the corner frames). For these two frames I'm using quotes from Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Miracle of the Moment" (hence the clocks) and Micheal W. Smith's "Pray for Me" (where it speaks of our lives as a tapestry, hence the weaving clip-art):
And you can also see the overall idea on the side as it shows all four planning slides as you can see in the screen capture:
So, now I need to finish pruning my "to frame" pile and figure out how to organize them. (Maybe I better add frames back to my gift list too as I have more picture yet to go through.)


  1. I need more frames for my house.. I have 3 really small one up on my living room wall and nothing else..it's quite bare

  2. I'm kind of in the same boat, until I got these frames I only had a couple sitting around, too. Our house has large walls which makes it harder to hang things up since they tend to get "lost" on the wall.

    And thanks for being my follower!


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