September 14, 2015

A Charlie Brown Christmas Stamps!!!!

Are you like me, keeping an eye out on the United State's Postal Services upcoming stamp page? I do, but this one sneaked by me! I went to the USPS's Online Postal Store to check something else and saw this image: of my favorite Christmas specials...what can I say?  I "need" it!!   I quickly clicked on the link for A Charlie Brown Christmas and saw them all-looks like 8 different designs!
Am I the only one who can't wait to get their hands on these?  They are available October 1!

Remember, if your local post office doesn't have the stamp you want, you can always order them online at the USPS's Postal Store.

Do you have a favorite past, current, or upcoming stamp?


  1. There are 10 different Charlie Brown Christmas stamps. This year I really liked the Year of the Ram stamps. One of my permanent favorites is the Johnny Cash stamp.

    1. You're right, now that I look again their are 10! Quite a variety!


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