March 14, 2015

Smiles Sent Saturday~March 14, 2015

I've been doing good with mail lately, I've actually been able to keep up mailing something every day since A Month of Letter.  Not sure why I've been doing so good, but I'm enjoying it!

This is one of the favorite envelopes I've sent in a while.  I was inspired by some recent vintage stamps I got.  The 10 cent one at the top right as the one that gave me the idea with the pen and inkwell to do a desk with envelope and paper.  So, I stamped, addressed, and return addressed the "envelope" and dated the "paper" put the inkwell at the top right, and put a couple "spare" stamps laying on the "desk" to bring the postage up to the current rate.

Okay, this obviously wasn't addressed to "AHLMNORTSW", that's just some of the letters I used to address it, cut and pasted into the center as an example, as I didn't want to put the family member's address up here.  I was inspired to do this letter design after seeing an example that was received at envelope 100 and the example shared from Pushing the Envelope.  I think it turned out pretty cute and gave it a definite "St Patrick's Day" feel and the stamp matched well.

This was St. Patrick envelope.  The stamps were because the family member I sent it to and I are more German American than Irish American, so I thought using the ship stamp marking the "German Immigration Tricentennial" seemed fun, and the Statue of Liberty seemed like a fun way to go with it and fill out the needed postage.

This was a quick card my family sent to the young daughter of some friends of ours who had been in and out of the hospital this week.  I love how having vintage stamps can help you quickly dress up and personalize a piece of mail-I thought the Cabbage Patch doll was just too cute!

The name “Smiles Sent Saturday” denotes my hope these things I mailed made the people who got them smile.  


  1. Some great mail to brighten up anyone's mailbox, and good to see you trying Jean's font. You have an impressive range of stamps - although that cabbage patch doll is creeping me out. Hopefully it stays well put in last century.

    1. Thanks! I've been getting some random lots of stamps on Ebay, so have all sorts of stamps! The Cabbage Patch one doesn't bother me, but there was a whole set of doll stamps that some creeped me out, so I gave them to my mom to use since she loves stamps.

  2. The top envelope is so creative! Love it.

  3. Sarah,

    I also like your foray into vintage. Well done!



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